{March 21, 2011}   First Day of Spring=New Beginnings

  Well, I copied and pasted some of my older blog entries from onto here. I wasn’t really a fan of the set up of, and did not believe it to be very user-friendly. So, here is my new attempt at blogging on a brand new site (at least to me). 

 I did have my appointment with my Lyme doctor on the 15th. It went pretty well. I discussed how I wanted to be on a new protocol, as the ones I’ve tried in the past didn’t do much, or to be brutally honest with myself, didn’t work because I didn’t stick with them as faithfully as I should have. She agreed, and wanted me to try 500 mg. of Azithromycin twice a day, along with Artemesia twice a day. There is also Adrenal Support, Fish Oil (for the brain fog associated with the Lyme), CoQ10 (for the heart), and Vitamin C. I am also taking Nystatin to help avert the oh-so-gross side effect of heavy duty antibiotics–candida. She also recommended a potent Lyme tea, which I haven’t tried yet, but intend on doing so soon. She wanted to see me in a month to assess my progress, and also set up an EKG to check my heart, test it for atrial fibrillation, as when I was on the Zapper (product endorsed by Dr. Hulda Clark), it kind of messed with my heart a bit.

Today was my first day of treatment, and I know it is early, but I haven’t noticed any worrisome side effects, or herxing yet. For all those who aren’t aware of what herxing is, it is short for “Jarisch Herxheimer” and describes the painful die-off reactions from killing parasites. You can always google it, I suppose. I think I am going to be on this for at least three months, if not years. Garrett has already promised that he won’t let me quit, no matter how much I may want to at times when it gets difficult. That is what I want and need. I can’t give up on this, and it may be easy to say that after just the first day, but I really can’t. I did feel a little woozy and dizzy after a few hours of the meds, but that could also be because I kind of pushed myself this weekend and I usually pay the price for that. We had a few people over on Friday night, and on Saturday we went grocery shopping out of town, and drove back into town, so that I could attend a friend’s birthday party. It was nice, especially considering that I am not used to being this social and sometimes have to push myself to “get out there”, but when I do get out, I usually enjoy myself and have fun. Nevertheless, it was wonderful to just stay at home today and relax–play Wii games with Garrett and watch our “Animation Domination”–Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons and The Cleveland Show on tv. 

Since it is nearing 3 in the morning, I should probably get some sleep (seems to be my bed time lately). Good night to all in Blog-Land.


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