{March 22, 2011}   Vitamin C+Artemesia=Not a Great Idea

   I know I said I would write another blog entry earlier, and as promised, here we go again! I know that in the last blog post I talked about herxing a bit. Let me just say that the herxing kind of intensified. I think my stomach hates me. I can almost hear the little spirochetes saying: “no, no more treatment! We want to live, and in order to do that, we are going to make you feel miserable!” Yup, it’s pretty much a war. I did find out though that taking Vitamin C and Artemesia together is not generally a good idea and should be avoided. I googled it just now, as I was kind of wondering if there was maybe a bad interaction. My Lyme doctor didn’t tell me this, although I am not blaming her. I think that a lot of responsibility falls on the patient, and if they are going to get well, they have to do their homework–research what they are taking, and what they cannot take. Now I know that I have to space out the Vitamin C and Artemesia. Maybe that will help with some of the herxing. I may even have to cut back the dose of Artemesia to just one pill a day, instead of two. My Lyme doctor kind of warned me about this–that if I started to herx quickly, to kind of back off of the two pills of Artemesia and just take one. I may try that tomorrow. Hmm, this is just day two, and I haven’t even started the Lyme tea yet! I still have to call the woman (master herbalist) who makes it, and see if I can order it from her. It’s about $21, which isn’t too bad, and includes Cat’s Claw (not actually made from the claws of cats), Red Root, Sarsaparilla and Japanese Knotweed. Supposedly I would have to drink one pot of it a day. Yeah, sounds yummy. I like tea, so maybe it won’t be too bad? I don’t know if it’s just me engaging in wishful thinking, but I have noticed that my heart palpitations are slowing a bit, due to the addition of CoQ10 to my protocol. That is good at least.

Garrett and I were just watching Two and a Half Men and Mike and Molly earlier, although I started to fall asleep at the end of Mike and Molly. I love that show! The humor is creative and I just think the actors/actresses are funny. I hope the show won’t suffer because of people tuning out to Two and a Half Men, which is right before Mike and Molly. Charlie Sheen has so many issues, and it is a shame, as I believe he is burning his bridges and kind of biting the hand that is feeding him (two cliches in a row there. I am good). His career kind of took a nosedive in the late ’90’s-early 2000’s, so he should be grateful that Two and a Half Men has done so well. I just don’t understand why he is acting in such an unstable manner..wish he’d grow up and just seek treatment for his addictions. I know it’s easier said than done, but if I can go through a painful and prolonged treatment protocol for my Lyme Disease (which is probably going to last for a long while), he can endure treatment for his addictions–get his life back on track. He can at least make the effort.

I am craving more Spring Rolls now–what Garrett made for dinner. They were absolutely delicious! I made an awesome peanut butter dipping sauce to go with them, and I think I am actually craving the peanut sauce more! 😀 They are usually just meant to be appetizers, but we had quite a few of them, so they were surprisingly filling. They’re not that difficult to make and it doesn’t involve cooking over a hot stovetop, so that is even better. I think the medication is making me hungry. At the risk of sounding like a pig, I had the leftovers from last night’s dinner, the sorbet that was left over (wasn’t a lot there though) and a handful of cashews earlier today. I just couldn’t stop eating. I guess that is good…have to keep my strength up, but I would rather not gain 20 lbs. while undergoing treatment. That is the last thing I need. I’ll have to Google Azithromycin+pigging out and see what it comes up with.

Ok, off to the Land of Nod now. I need my beauty sleep (need all the help I can get there, although a good moisturizer helps make me look a little more glow-y and healthy). Night night.


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