{March 24, 2011}   Calm Before The Storm?

  Today was not a bad day health-wise, thankfully. True, I did wake up later than I wanted–1:00 in the afternoon, but I at least got myself ready and took a shower. To many in the world, that is  part of a daily routine, but I consider it quite an accomplishment for me, as I am usually way too tired to do anything but sleep and watch tv. I did feel a bit dizzy, but no scary symptoms today..yay! I was thinking maybe this is the calm before the storm–that it will get worse in a few weeks, but I am trying to remain optimistic. Garrett and I were talking about the treatment, and we both thought it would be for at least 3 months, if not more. He brought up the PICC line, and how maybe I should try that again as a last resort. I had nightmarish flashbacks of how it used to be when I had one in four years ago, and I definitely do not want to revisit that. My mom was amazing in how she gave me the daily infusions of Zithromax–still don’t know how she did it. If I were the one doing that, my hands would be shaking like crazy. I said that if I do have to have another line inserted, I want to be the one to infuse myself. I didn’t really care for the visiting nurse idea, and how one had to come by every Thursday to change the bandages and flush the line. It freaked me out..always thought one would mess up. It turns out one did, and I cringe whenever I think of how she messed it up, and I had to have the line pulled because of her. Yup, if I did try another protocol after this one, it is NOT going to be an intravenous line inserted into my arm. I don’t even think Lyme doctors use this method of treatment as much now, or at least according to my Lyme doctor they don’t. I think I just need to be patient and give this particular protocol time to work, although patience is not one of my strong suits. Patience is overrated.

  What I do need to start doing is exercising, as that is part of a Lyme patient’s recovery program. We have the Wii here and the Xbox Kinect, so maybe I’ll use those. We used to have the ExerciseTV on our tv when we had Comcast, but Charter isn’t as good and doesn’t offer that option. It is supposed to be light impact and I’m only supposed to exercise for an hour. Light impact..hmm..those words are not in my vocabulary either, along with patience. I am so used to being an “all or nothing” type of person, and I can’t be like that. I need to pace myself and just start this in a slow manner. The Wii Fit is pretty light impact, so I think I’ll try that tomorrow. Exercise and a healthy boring does that sound? I am not craving sugar so much as I am salt–potato chips and pretzels do not stay around for long in this house! I know it isn’t very healthy, but salt does make me feel better and wards off the fainting spells. Plus, with all the water I am drinking, a little salt isn’t really hurting me. Luckily, the Lyme Diet (there is actually a book on that alone, complete with recipes) features a lot of vegetarian meals, so that isn’t too much of a stretch. I actually like tofu and vegetables, and eating more fruit helps too. Of course, I do crave a glass of wine every now and then, although I am not supposed to have alcohol on this. Sometimes though, it does help with the shaking that occurs. I think white would be better, as it isn’t as full-bodied as the reds tend to be. I am really reserving it for when I get the shakes though, and that is it. Benadryl helps the shakes, yes, but it also knocks me out for several days..not worth it. Plus, I hate the taste. Garrett made a delicious artichoke hearts and leek dinner over tomato basil good! He is a much better cook than I am, although I have my 2-3 dishes that I’m pretty good at, namely my carrot cashew ginger dish. I also make a mean frittata. 🙂

We are both watching past seasons of the show, Weeds, on Netflix. I didn’t really like it at first, but Garrett got me into it. Now I look forward to watching it. The show’s theme song is always in my head though..kind of annoying. Netflix is great! We just hook our Wii console up to the tv, and we’re able to watch movies and tv shows. We saw one movie the other week called “Let the Right One In,” which was kind of a coming of age vampire story. It had Swedish subtitles, and the Swedish landscape was gorgeous. It sounds strange to describe a vampire-oriented movie as sweet, but it was sweet in some moments..heartwarming, although very gory in some scenes. I liked it though..kind of a Twilight-esque type of movie.

Ok, I am signing off for the night..going to try to get some sleep, with the emphasis on the word “try.” Night all. 🙂


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