{March 27, 2011}   Nice Cold Spring Day in Vermont

   I was just reading the blog of a woman who has had Chronic Lyme Disease for many years, but through the combination of IV medication, oral antibiotics, bicillin shots, and hypobaric oxygen therapy (along with many herbal protocols), she is 75-80% healthy, and claims to have the Lyme out of her system. It took her four years to get back on that track, and her symptoms were ten times worse than mine. I suppose that is encouraging. I was just googling “how to deal with the stomach pain from herxing,” and I found this woman’s blog. She did say that stomach pain was a big sign of herxing, which is a daily symptom for me since being on this Azithromycin/Artemesia protocol. Yes, that and nausea. She said to hang in there and don’t quit, no matter how horrible you feel, even if it is killing you. I guess in my eyes, if it does kill me, at least I will have gone down fighting, not just have sat there and done nothing. Maybe that is too dramatic-sounding, and I apologize for that, but it just illustrates to me how serious of a fight this is. I am fighting for the right to get my life back, and I have to do all I can to secure that reality. I think I realize that more this time than I did all the other times I’ve attempted different protocols. She couldn’t emphasize the importance of Flagyl enough, although that drug is hell on wheels. I remember being on it once for just five days, and it caused me to be bedridden and just so weak..actually developed C-Diff. from it. She did say though that it has the most potential of all oral antibiotics in the killing of spirochetes, while at the same time warning people of constant herxing. Fun times. I’ve actually asked my Lyme doctor in the past about this, but she is hesitant to put me on such a strong drug, although I am all “come on, give me your strongest drug. I have to kill this disease once and for all!” She is more about gentle healing as opposed to “hit every spirochete at once.” I respect that, but I may ask her again at my next appointment.

 I actually pushed myself to go out today on my own. It was a challenge to myself..wanted to see if I could do it, and plus, I was trying to get some exercise. I walked a mile to the country store to pick up a few things and then walked back. Of course it was kind of a cold day, so that didn’t exactly help my heart–was gasping for air at times. Still, I am glad I did it, and feel proud of myself for doing it. I think next time though, I will wait for a warmer day to go out. It is full-on “mud season” in Vermont now, and I am surprised that my Uggs didn’t get stuck in the mud while walking up our driveway. I saw a person that lives near us–about three houses down, walking with his dog. People in the neighborhood are pretty friendly, I’ve found, although I don’t see them very often due to being unable to get out of the house most days.

One weird symptom I am noticing is facial flushing, almost as if I have been blushing. I didn’t really have that before starting this treatment. Of course now I don’t have to bother with wearing my trusty Nars Orgasm blush, as this facial flushing is already adding color to my pale face. I try looking at it like that..kind of helps me. I add moisturizer to my face after cleansing, so it’s not really dry skin. Ok, so new symptoms since starting this protocol a week ago (yes, it has already been a week, believe it or not) are: stomach pain, nausea, headaches, facial flushing, dizziness, brain fog and emotional outbursts, and pain in my arms and legs. Welcome to the land of Herxville. I made my carrot ginger dish tonight, which was delicious, if I do say so myself. The ginger kind of helped ease the stomach pain, so that was good.

Tomorrow is Sunday, which is a day usually reserved for Garrett and I to just relax and spend time together–no chores like laundry or cleaning (that is on a Saturday), although I may put a load of laundry on tomorrow. We usually just play the Wii, eat snacks and watch tv, listen to music, etc. I look forward to Sundays, and am planning on beating him at most of the Wii games, if not all! LOL 😀 Will try to get some rest right now, so I can be up before 1 in the afternoon. Night all. 🙂


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